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Progress, Phases and Timelines

The project is broken into 4 Phases. MAO has completed the first 3 phases of this project. Currently, we are working on phase 4. For detailed information please refer to the Project Proposal

1. Evaluation, get permissions, hire electrical engineer, get drawings. - This phase is completed

2. Buying materials and wiring of Administrative Block Building (teachers block) - This phase is ongoing

3. Finishing touches, putting sockets, tube lights etc—expected to be completed this month of January 2008.

4. Obtaining electrical services from Tanesco - Expected to be completed byApril 2008

Estimated Budget


Itemized Expenses


Description of Work

Anticipated/ Actual Costs

Phase One

Evaluation and drawings

Tshs. 350,000

Phase Two

Wiring the Administration block (materials and labor)

Tshs. 1,708,690

Phase Three

Finishing, covering outlets etc (materials and labor)


Phase Four

Tanesco work-installing electricity at the Administration block

Tshs.1, 761,605


Total Cost – (A)

Tshs 5,050,095.00

(Approx. $5000.00)