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MAO sponsors develepmental projects at Mlimani Primary School to enhance learning environment for the students. Some of the projects that MAO is planning to work on includes build the library for the school,computer lab, build a toilet, build a cafeteria, and improving the conditions of current buildings.

MAO is also planning to implement mentoring programs, tutoring programs, sports and outdoor activities to encourage creativity among students


Electricity Project
As of September 2, 2009, MAO has successful completed this project. Finally, after more than 2 years of hard work in getting permits and drawings, wiring of the building, and attaining financing, the school has electricity! Everyone is excited! So many people have worked very hard to make this project a reality. This project was crucial. With electricity, the school will be able to have interactive learning using computers, video presentation and so many other things. For project proposal and other information read more

'267' Desks project
MAO is working hard to raise funds that will be used to buy desks for the school. The school has a shortage of 267 desks. MAO has already given the school 50 Desks in February 2008. All the pupils at Mlimani Primary School are sitting on the desks. Currently we are evaluating what's needed to fix the desks which are damaged and count those which need to be replaced. . read more